Ergo Model 1

Natural music listening at its very best. In developing the ERGO an extensive study of the anatomy and acoustical properties of the head and ear was considered essential to the total design process. The important human engineering features that the TELOS design team together with Precide incorporated into their design are:-

A) The ERGO headphone rests lightly on top of the head, the weight, mere ounces, distributed over a large insensitive surface. This light weight and soft foam headband cushion result in complete freedom from pressure and allows the scalp to ‘breathe’ naturally.

B) A foam strip, at the rear of each speaker panel, rest lightly behind each ear. These do not contact the ears to cause any deformation, which would obstruct the natural sound field created by the speakers.

C) The speaker panels are fixed in the correct position to maintain optimum vertical and horizontal angles of sound dispersion.

D) Since the speaker panels do not physically contact the ears, the intervening spaces permit a fresh airflow from below the ears, which avoids the head, perspiration and listener fatigue so commonly experienced with conventional headphones.

With ERGO headphones, you can listen to music for extended periods of time without being conscious of wearing headphones and without the usual fatigue associated with conventional headphones. ERGO headphones reproduce sounds in a manner quite unlike other headphones, free of coloration or distortion, clean and natural.

Ergo Model 1


Ergo Model 1

Transducer Principle:

Frequency response:

Nominal impedance:

Sensitivity at 1000 Hz according to DIN 45580:

Power handling:


Coupling to the ears:


Length of connecting cable:


Dynamic open

28-20’000 Hz

100 ohm per system

95 dB

0.4 W

< 0.4 %

completely open


3 m

6.3 mm Stereojack

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg