Earthquake MiniME P63


Earthquake MiniME P63

The MiniMe P63 was designed for people who love to experience music and movies at full throttle but are tight on space. The MiniMe P63 stands strong through the symbiotic relationship of the one 6.5” premium long throw active driver and two 6.5” passive radiators. The utilization of the passive radiators increases the capability and efficiency for ultra-low frequency reproduction, allowing you to achieve a louder, more powerful bass without requiring more power from the amp.

Keeping the issue of limited space in mind, the MiniMe P63 offers a conveniently placed 5.2V USB power adapter, allowing the subwoofer to charge or power any other USB compatible devices, helping you economize and utilize your living space more efficiently.

For over 28 years, Earthquake Sound has been producing a variety of high quality audio products that have
impressed audiophile communities around the world. It all started in 1984 when Joseph Sahyoun, a music freak and
Aerospace Engineer unhappy with the existing loud speaker technology and performance, decided to put his
advance engineering knowledge to use. He pushed technological boundaries to the limit to create the kind of
subwoofer he could live with. Earthquake quickly created a name for itself in the car audio industry and became well
known for its powerful subwoofers and amplifiers. In 1997, using his existing expertise in the audio industry, Joseph
Sahyoun expanded his company to home audio production.
Earthquake Sound has since evolved into a leader in the home audio industry, producing not only subwoofers and
amplifiers but surround speakers and tactile transducers as well. Engineered by audiophiles for audiophiles,
Earthquake Sound audio products are meticulously crafted to reproduce each and every single note perfectly,
bringing your home theater experience to life. With true dedication and full attention to details, Earthquake Sound
engineers continuously develop new and better products to meet customers’ needs and go beyond their

Earthquake MiniME P63


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Earthquake MiniME P63 Black

Built in 500-Watt, high efficiency digital amplifier
6.5-inch premium active driver
Dual 6.5-inch passive radiator
Convenient compact size
Auto signal sensing circuitry
0 – 180° phase adjustment
40 – 180Hz frequency adjustment
Built in 5.2V USB power port
Black high gloss piano lacquer finish
110/220V selector switch


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Weight 5 κιλά