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F 4100


F 4100

Bringing the driver unit closer to the ear drum, achieves an even more realistic, vivid sound quality. 
In order to achieve this in the F4100, we have meticulously downsized the housing with a design consisting of the minimum possible elements. Miniaturized to have a diameter of 5.5 mm, the housing is finished with hard aluminium-magnesium alloy anodic film. This also contributes weight reduction. Final’s unique method of using full-range balanced armature drivers across all models recreates bass tones with a fullness you would never imagine from the housing size. The cable is high purity OFC with detachable MMCX connectors. 
The earphone comes with an ear hook to prevent microphonics from the cable. This is one of final’s proud model, realizing sound quality and ease of use in a higher dimension. It tends to have a slightly 
warmer sound quality than the F7200.


F 4100

Housing-Black alumite finished aluminum

Driver-Balanced armature


Cable-Black OFC




Cord length-1.2m




Additional Information

Weight 1 κιλά