The modern look of the new Vento
We have optically and technically revised our premium loudspeaker series Vento . Thanks to the modern design, with subtly curved side walls, rounded housing edges and high-quality surfaces with a perfect finish, the new Vento loudspeakers appear very self-confident. The harmoniously proportioned premium loudspeakers offer a perfect balance between timeless elegance and a powerful appearance. This means that the Vento models can be used universally – they are an enrichment for a wide variety of living spaces. Our flagship of the series, the Vento 100, looks elegant and noble despite its stately case volume. The big 3-wayThanks to its excellent technical components, bass reflex floor-standing loudspeakers inspire with stupendous dynamics and make the hearts of audiophile music fans beat faster. The Canton Vento 100 convince with the best Canton sound virtues, maximum durability and finest workmanship .

Titanium Graphite – high quality technology
Our flagship Vento 100 Black High Gloss are equipped with drivers that we have newly developed in the midrange and bass range, which are visually recognizable by their titanium graphite membranes. The loudspeaker chassis appear reservedly elegant due to their matt shimmering titanium graphite membranes and give the Vento loudspeakers a noble appearance. They nestle seamlessly and without visible screw connections in the high-gloss baffles. Our double-cone technology and the wave surrounds, which are capable of particularly large deflections, ensure impressive dynamic capabilities.The new Titanium Graphite chassis are very stiff with a low weight and have excellent damping properties. In addition, the new drivers work as perfect piston vibrators and thus offer ideal conditions for reproducing acoustic signals one-to-one without losses. Result: The loudspeakers sound dynamic and relaxed with every type of music .

Elegant housing for the best sound
The new housings not only look very high quality, they also have to meet our high technical requirements. The revised design ensures that more internal volume is available to tune the speakers with more bandwidth in the low frequency range. As a result, the new Vento loudspeakers play with even more contours and clarity. In addition, the sharp-edged housing radii, the modified base and the new basic shape ensure that the housing itself has less of an impact on the sound. The newly designed base makes the Vento 100 Black High Gloss appear to “float”, which makes the stately floor-standing speaker appear light and elegant. In addition, the base construction ensures that the loudspeaker is particularly uncritical in its installation. Due to the different housing surfaces available, the modern and timelessly elegant Vento loudspeaker models feel at home in many furnishing styles. The housings of the new Ventos also meet the highest demands in terms of workmanship and tactile quality. The premium speakers areAvailable in white and black high gloss finishes.

Optically and technically revised loudspeaker terminals ensure maximum conductivity in the new Ventos. The solid screw terminals, designed in single or bi-wiring design depending on the Vento model, accommodate cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm² and offer the option of accommodating loudspeaker cables with banana plugs or triple clamps. The new terminals have a special high-quality and conductive material, with new clamps and finer threads. As a result, we also achieve a reference-worthy contact in the Vento series for perfect sound development and long-term stable contact with connected amplifiers.The innovations of the Vento series continue with the high-quality fabric covers. If necessary, they cover the direct view of the technology and hold onto the baffles with powerful magnets. The black panels, which are straight at the top and subtly curved at the bottom, ensure a reserved, calm appearance.

High-quality equipment
In order to optimize the playback properties of the Vento loudspeakers, we only use components with the lowest tolerances that have been selected for their sound in the crossovers. High-quality core coils and MKP and MKT film capacitors made in Germany ensure excellent series consistency and low tolerances. We achieve special dielectric strength through optimally dimensioned components, with sufficient reserves for highly dynamic playback with minimal distortion. In order to exhaust the acoustic qualities of the loudspeaker series, the components of the crossovers are mounted in a vibration-optimized manner. In addition, complex measurements and listening tests ensure acoustic fine tuning, which makes the Vento 100 loudspeakers the acoustic benchmark for the entire series .

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  • use
  • floorstanding speaker
  • principle
  • 3-way bass reflex
  • Nominal / music load capacity
  • 280 / 500 watts
  • Transmission range
  • 20…40,000 Hz
  • crossover frequency
  • 170 / 3,200 Hz
  • woofer chassis
  • 2 x 220 mm, titanium graphite (wave surround)
  • midrange chassis
  • 1 x 174 mm, titanium graphite (wave surround)
  • tweeter chassis
  • 1 x 25mm Ceramic
  • impedance
  • 4…8 ohms
  • Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • 32.5×115.5x42cm
  • weight
  • 39.5kg
  • warranty
  • 5 years
  • Vento 100
  • fabric cover (black)
  • instruction manual
  • Packaging
  • 38x52x124cm

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Weight 39.5 κιλά
Dimensions 32.5 × 42 × 115.5 cm