Triangle Plaisir Kari Black

Triangle Plaisir Kari Black is a 2.5 ways, bass reflex speaker, mounted with two 5.25-inch drivers and a titanium dome tweeter. Equipped with TRIANGLE’s famous midrange made from a paper membrane and small pleated suspension PLAISIR Kari delivers outstanding details and precision at this price range. The woofer integrates a half-roll rubber suspension and covers a wide frequency range, which results in a generous and dynamic bass.
Thanks to the 90 dB / W sensitivity the speaker can be matched with a low power amplifier and still deliver sound pressure, dynamics and detail.

The TZ209P deploys a neodymium magnet combined with a 25mm titanium dome, renowned for its clarity and speed. This tweeter is dedicated to the high frequencies from 3-24 kHz. It incorporates a phase controlling system, which also reduces distortion and improves directivity. A grill covers the dome, in order to protect the driver.

Triangle is renowned for its midrange drivers with small pleat peripheral short-travel suspension, and all models in the range incorporate this typology. Triangle has favoured this technology for the last 35 years due to its effectiveness in the midrange frequencies, mainly the vocal range between 300 Hz and 3 KHz. The cellulose membrane is known for its neutrality and musical qualities. When listening to the voices, the singers seem to stand in front of you. You don’t hear the music, you live the music.

In the Plaisir Kari, the low frequency area from 45Hz to 300Hz is handled by a cellulose membrane woofer with a half-roll suspension. This assures firm, fast and dynamic delivery of bass notes. You will notice its controlled full-body sound and sharp dynamics. Musical styles ranging from Classical to Rock, or Jazz over Hip-Hop through to Electro all benefit from the woofers’ great delivery.

Plaisir Kari


Triangle Plaisir Kari Black

  • Type Bass Reflex
  • Ways 3
  • Sensitivity (dB/W/m) 90
  • Bandwidth (+3dB Hz – kHz) 45-24
  • Power handling (W Rms) 100
  • Nominale impedance (Ohms) 6
  • Minimum impedance (Ohms) 4
  • Cabinet dimensions (mm) 965x188x275
  • Net weight (kg) 14.2

Additional Information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 18.8 × 96.5 cm