Dali Spektor Vokal

Taking centre stage, the Dali Spektor Vokal delivers clarity and depth to any movie. Getting this much Hi-Fi performance from a speaker in this price range not only took all of our experience and know-how, but also hours and hours spent in the listening room, improving the driver and crossover designs to create the perfect audio performance.

Our low-loss drivers uses a mix of low-mass paper cones with wood fibre reinforcement. The embedded wood fibres give the surface an uneven structure, which dramatically minimizes the resonance of the surface. This creates the best possible reproduction of every detail in the audio signal.

The amplifier friendly design makes the Spektor Vokal series a perfect fit for almost any of the amplifiers in its price category. No matter if we look at compact Hi-Fi, stereo amplifiers or surround receivers, Spektor Vokal will bring out the best in them, showing you just how good music and movies can sound.

DALI makes it easy to integrate your loudspeakers into any room. Both the driver materials and geometry applied in the SPEKTOR VOKAL have been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern.

You will experience a well-integrated sound, even when listening significantly off-axis. And, as you are often not seated directly in front of the loudspeaker when listening to music, this is important.

Optimizing the audio signal for off-axis distribution results in the signal reaching your ear directly and the signal reflected off the room surfaces, to have a coherent balance. This means a consistent high sound quality across a much wider listening area. At the same time, it offers greater freedom and flexibility in positioning the loudspeakers.

An added benefit is hugely reduced harmonic distortion and diffractions causing frequency distortion, as these will always be stronger in an on-axis response. This is also the reason why all DALI speakers are not designed for toeing-in.

Spektor Vokal


Spektor Vokal

  • Frequency range 50 – 26500
  •  Sensitivity (dB) 88
  • Impedance Ω 6
  •  Maximum SPL (dB) 108
  • Recom.Power(Watt) 25 – 125
  • High Frequence drivers 25mm Soft Dome
  •  Low Frequency drivers 1 x 7″ Wood Fibre Cone
  •  Dimmension(HxWxD) cm 35,1 x 20,5 x 29,3

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 351 × 205 × 350 cm