Edifier D12 Brown

Quality Wooden Enclosure

Quality wooden enclosure minimizes acoustic resonance and outputs a sound beyond everything you had listen before from a computer speaker.

Several Types of Connectivity

RCA/AUX input port for versatile connectivity to external devices such as TV, turntable, DVD, and a line out if you ever want to add an extra subwoofer or active speakers. Also, you can connect it wirelessly with your smartphone, laptop with the help of Bluetooth5.0 connectivity.

Easy Operation

Three top-mounted knobs (Bass dial, treble dial, volume control/input selector) allow for simple, accurate control of the treble, bass, and volume/input.

Wireless Remote Control

It is also provided with an easy-to-use remote control, so you can quickly adjust volume or switch to the mode you want: movie mode, music mode, or other input models.
Note: In Movie mode, the sound quality will be changed or distorted when the sound field is extended. Therefore, please enable Music mode when listening to music.








 Edifier D12 Brown

  • Integrated stereo speaker designed for desktop use
  •  Wooden enclosure minimizes acoustic resonance
  •  Bluetooth V5.0 technology ensures stable connection
  • 3/4-inch (Φ19mm) silk treble unit and 4-inch(116mm) mid-bass unit provide
    accurate response
  • Versatile connectivity: AUX, Line in, Bluetooth
  •  Analog line out function
  • Theater/music sound stage selection
  • Top-mounted volume control and wireless remote control for easy adjustment • Front-facing reflex port designed for wider soundstage and powerful bass





Additional Information

Weight 4.6 kg
Dimensions 35.9 × 20 × 15.9 cm


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