The aluminium resonance-free headshell can be finely adjusted; the finely adjustable counterweight sets the exact Tracking Force. Stylish design and clean lines make the Verify a stunning eye catcher as well as providing precise signal transfer and a calm, clear sound. This beauty is wired with Clearaudio’s high quality Direct Wire. The Verify reaches its optimum sound when combined with the Concept turntable and corresponding Concept MC cartridge. For high-end music lovers and newcomers, this may be the most exciting complete turntable package of all time. But even on most other turntables the Verify embodies an affordable synthesis between breath-taking design and detailrich sonority. Cartridges with a weight from 2.5 to 17 grams are ideal partners for the Verify.



  • Construction: Friction free tonearm with magnetic bearing technology
  • Tonearm weight: 200 gram 330 gram (incl. counter weight)
  • Cartridge balance range: 2.5 gram – 17 gram
  • Zero points: Inner: 66.00 mm Outer: 120.9 mm
  • Audio lead: Clearaudio phonocable 1.2 m from tonearm: Cable – resistance: 345 Ω Cable-capacity: 136 pF Cable – induction: 2 µH
  • Overhang: 17.31 mm
  • Overall length: 302 mm
  • Effective Tone arm length: 9 inches / 239.3 mm
  • Distance from pivot to stylus: 222 mm
  • Offset angle: 23.00°
  • Maximum of tilt angle according to the radius: 0.123 °/cm
  • Anti-skating factor at a radius of 62.9 mm and 126.9 mm: 0.43
  • Mounting style: Linn / clearaudio
  • Warranty*: 2 years
  • *Only if the warranty card is filled out correctly and sent back within 2 weeks to clearaudio

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg