• Ιntroducing Shanling M6 (21)Why are we releasing new version of M6?In October 2020, fire broke out at AKM’s factory in Japan. This event had a significant impact on availability of AKM DAC chips – discontinuation of certain models, shortage of DAC chips on the whole market and extreme price increase in some cases.

    AKM DACs were important part of Shanling’s audio designs for many years, being the core component in all of our higher positioned portable players. At the time of fire, we had decent stock of all different DACs to keep the production going, but we knew that we will be forced to switch to different DACs at some point.

    Shanling M6 Android player will be the first product to undergo this change. New version, marked as M6 (21), will be released in China in March and international release will follow in April. If you wish to get the original AKM based M6, you will need to look at a current stock at dealers or distributors and purchase one before they are all sold out.

    What is different on M6 (21)?

    – Pair of ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DACs

    – New amplifier circuit to go with this new DAC

    – MQA support

    – Available only as black body with gold wheel

    All other aspects are unchanged.

    M6 (21) will support MQA, can this be added to original M6?

    No, it’s not possible. MQA certification is tied to the M6 (21) and its analogue circuit, it can’t be used for original M6.

    Premium components, Purest sound quality

    M6 uses two AKM AK4495SEQ DACS, which proved to be truly excellent DACS when we used them in our high-end projects in two-channel audio. In M6, we combined them with two Japanese KDS low phase noise active crystal oscillators and special FPGA coding technology independently developed by Shanling. Each additional component was selected very carefully and white copper shielding was added on top of audio circuit, all with intentions to achieve maximum performance of these outstanding and unique DACS.
    With two TI OPA1612 acting as low-pass filters andtwo ADI AD8397 amplifiers, M6 provides extremely clean balanced output with lots of power and very quiet background. On top of that, M6 uses additional ADI AD8397 amplifier, enabling use of both DAC chips even in single-ended mode, providing enhanced sound quality even for unbalanced headphones.

    Every component matters

    Japanese ELNA Silmic II capacitors
    High grade Silmic I capacitors were developed specifically for use in audio products and you can often find them in high-end Hi-Fi machines. To assure premium sound quality of M6, it uses these Silmic II capacitors, four of them in total.
    Panasonic Tantalum-Polymer capacitors
    Tantalum-Polymer capacitors, while more expensive and harder to utilize properly than their simpler counterparts, offer many important characteristics that are crucial for smooth sound tuning of Shanling products.

    Connectors trifecta

    With 3.5 mm single- ended output and both 2.5 mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs, M6 can be connected to much wider range of headphones and earphones without any need for additional adapter.

    Full Android System Access all your favorite Apps

    Want to use some special software music player? In need of sophisticated equalizer app? Or simply want to enjoy convenience of music streaming services? All of that is now available thanks to full open Android OS. We customized Android system to avoid any sound quality problems caused by its build-in sample rate conversion. With M6, all sounds from any app are output without any conversion, all the way up to 768 kHz.

    High quality Two-way Bluetooth connection

    Easily connect M6 to any Bluetooth headphones and speakers and enjoy premium sound quality thanks to support of advanced Bluetooth codecs. Or turn M6 into Hi-Fi Bluetooth amplifier when paired with any smartphone or tablet. Codec support: Two Way – LDAC & SBC; Transmit only – HWA LHDC, aptX HD & aptX

    Bigger battery Faster charging

    Using massive 4000 mAh battery, M6 can last up to 12 hours of continuous play. And thanks to the support of Qualcomm’s Quick charge 3.0, charging times becomes significantly shorter.





  • Size
  • 71*17.5* 133.5 mm
  • Screen
  • 4.7 inch 720 1280 Sharp IPS HD screen
  • Weipht
  • 228g(M6), 233g(M6 Ver.21)
  • System
  • Andraid7.1
  • Audio formats
  • Support up to
  • 32 bit I 768 kHz DSD256(M6), DSD512(M6 Ver.21)
  • Switchable gain
  • High and Low(M6), High,Middium and Low(M6(21))Storage
  • 32 GB ROM + Exteral Miro SDcard, upto 2TB
  • D/A converter
  • 2 x AK4495SEQ(M6), 2 x ES9038Q2M (M6(21))
  • Digital fiter
  • 5 dferent flters(M6), 7 dferent flters (M6(21))
  • Bluetooth wersion
  • 4.2
  • Codec support
  • Bidirectional- LDAC & SBC
  • Transmit only HWA LHDC. aptx HD & aptx
  • Output power
  • Single-End: 160mW@32ohm (M6),190mW@32ohm(M6(21))
  • Balanced: 350mW@32ohm (M6),570mW@32ohm (M6(21))
  • Signal to noise ratio
  • Single-End: 118dB (M6), 124dB(M6(21))
  • Balanced: 119dB (M6), 127dB(M6(21))
  • Channel separation
  • Single-End: 75dB@32ohm (M6),75dB@32ohm (M6(21))
  • Balanced: 109dB@32ohm (M6),111dB@32ohm (M6(21))
  • Dynamic range
  • Single-End: 118dB (M6),123dB(M6(21))
  • Balanced: 119dB (M6),126dB(M6(21))
  • THD+N
  • Single-End: 0.001% (M6),0.0005%(M6(21))
  • Balanced:0.001% (M6),0.0006%(M6(21))
  • Output impedance
  • Single-End: <1ohm (M6), <0.3ohm (M6(21))
  • Balanced:<2ohm (M6), <0.6ohm (M6(21))
  • W-Fi standard
  • 2.4G/ 5G
  • Wi-Fi features
  • OTA frware upgrade, Wi-Fi file transfer
  • Battery capacity
  • 4000 mAh
  • Battery Life time
  • 11 to 12h (single ended) / 8 to 9h (balanced)


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