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Pro-ject DAC Box E mobile Black

Pro-ject DAC Box E mobile Black is Pro-Ject‘s first endeavour into the portable audio market. It is a compact digital to analogue converter that elevates the sound performance of your modern portable audio devices. While designed to be used on the go, DAC Box E mobile can also be connected to a Personal Computer or Laptop via the USB C input. It supports high resolution file formats, up to 32bit/192kHz, and connects to any common headphones via the 3.5mm headphone output, with sufficient power to listen comfortably even in louder environments. DAC Box E mobile receives power directly from the device it is attached to, so there are no additional battery packs to worry about.

It is a widely recognised fact that most mobile devices don‘t come with a hi-fi quality DAC chip or sound output. With DAC Box E Mobile, you can keep all the convenience and features of your existing smart device, except now you can enjoy all the power and musicality of each track. Whether you’re listening to saved audio files or playing from a streaming service, your whole portable listening experience will improve dramatically with the addition of DAC Box E Mobile.

DAC Box E mobile – the modern audiophile’s companion and the road warrior‘s savior.

DAC Box E mobile – the modern audiophile’s companion and the road warrior‘s savior.

Box E mobile


Pro-ject DAC Box E mobile

  • Portable D/A converter
  • High resolution support up to 32bit/192kHz
  • USB-C input
  • Extreme compact form factor
  • No batteries needed
  • Solid metal casing
  • Black or Silver casing

Output power: >27mW (in 32Ohm, @THD<0,1%)
THD+N: <0,01% (@10mW, 32Ohm)
SNR (A-weighted): >110dB, max output
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (@-3dB, @10mW)
Inputs: 1x USB C (USB 2.0)
Outputs: 1x 3.5mm (Stereo)
PCM Support: 32bit/192kHz
Accessories: 1x USB C to OTG micro USB B cable

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Weight 02 kg


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