Marmitek BoomBoom 93

Stream audio from TV or smartphone to headphones or audio system.

The BoomBoom 93 is a Bluetooth audio transmitter (sender) and receiver in one.

Sharing your favourite music with friends has never been easier! Two devices can be simultaneously connected to this compact Bluetooth audio adapter; Multipair Party Mode. This has the advantage that you do not have to disconnect and reconnect if you want to stream your music alternately. It allows you to easily switch between your tablet and smartphone, or alternate your tracks with a friend who shares your connection.

The BoomBoom 93 features both an analogue and digital audio output and supports aptX®. If your smartphone or tablet is also equipped with aptX®, it enables you to wirelessly stream CD-quality music.

The BoomBoom 93 features NFC. NFC lets your smartphone/tablet create a Bluetooth connection automatically, and will set up a link as soon as it gets near the Marmitek BoomBoom 93.

BoomBoom 93


Marmitek BoomBoom 93

  • Stream your music via Bluetooth to your hi-fi system
  • Listen to music or internet radio from your smartphone or (tablet) PC on your hi-fi installation wirelessly.
  • Suitable for all Bluetooth enabled sound sources such as iPhone, Android phone, iPad, etc.
  • Rapid switching between up to 2 connected smartphones or tablets: Multipair Party mode.
  • Listen to high-quality music through aptX, aptX Low Latency and digital optical audio output.
  • Works with any audio equipment, sound dock, etc with analog or digital input line.
  • With NFC Quick link for a fast and easy connection.

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Weight 1 kg