An Outstanding Cable That Could Sell for Much, Much More Designed by industry legend Jay Victor, Pangea Audio’s Premier audio interconnects offer best-in-class performance at anything near the price – and way beyond! Premier features technological innovations and the very best materials, including US-made Cardas Grade One copper, which many in the industry consider to be the finest copper available. This copper costs 20% more than the famous Japanese-made PCOCC copper that most experts formerly rated as the world’s finest copper. Insulating the Cardas Copper is advanced PE insulation. PE is one of the best commercially available insulators and was chosen because it has a smooth, relaxed sound. Covering the cable is an advanced nylon braid that bends easily yet protects the cable from cracking and scuffing. Triple Shielded Design To reject noise and interference from inside the cable and the outside room, Pangea Premier interconnects are triple-shielded. Each conductor has it’s own shield and then the entire cable is encased in separate foil and braided shields. Advanced Conductor Design The cheapest and most common design generally found in signal cables uses a single conductor for each channel, with the return being the shield only. Most cable manufacturers use this design in their entry level cables. A second, more advanced design uses a signal conductor and separate return conductor for each channel, which is separate from the shield. Most high-end audio cable manufacturers use this second design in their entry-level cables. Pangea Audio Premier interconnect feature a far more advanced design.



    • Conductors use US-Made Cardas Grade One copper
    • Separate solid core Cardas Grade One Copper conductor for the right and left channels
    • Separate OFC copper conductor returns
    • Flexible PE insulation
    • Conductors for each channel are wrapped in a foil shield
    • Entire cable is shielded with two additional layers of shielding
    • Advanced nylon outer braid resists cracking
    • Premium black chrome plated Prime 400 RCAs with Teflon insulation
    • Gold-plated one-piece solid center pin
    • Split center pin for a compression fit
    • Machined brass barrel
    • Extremely durable baked-on chromium finish

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