The HA500H is a premium Hybrid Headphone Amplifier, DAC, Pre-Amplifier and Asynchronous USB DAC for audiophiles. It is equipped with two(2) ECC82 vacuum tubes and solid state OP Amp, which will work as preamp stage for the headphone section, and will work as out stage for the pre-out section, while solid state transistors are built in at power amp stage for headphone section. So, you can select one out of Tube and OP Amp according to character of music, your feelings and mood.

All music has its own character. Some music need to be reproduced clearly and dynamically, others will be better when they are played warmly and smoothly. The HA500H will be the best device that will let you choose different sonic signature in reproducing music according to your feelings and music character.
The HA500H offers impedance selector(High/Low) with which you can choose one of High or Low impedance, which suits better your headphones.

Equipped with two(2) Sabre³² ES9018K2M DAC(one DAC per channel), additional multicore microcontroller for high performance USB Audio DAC, completely isolated circuit design for analogue and digtial section with customized SMPS and Toroidal Transformer and high quality aluminum enclosure crafted precisely by CNC machine with beautiful glass-sanding finish, the HA500H will be Reference Level Hybrid Headphone Amplifier, DAC, Pre-Amplifier and Asynchronous USB DAC for audiophiles

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  • Model name HA500H
  • Display 5.0″ TFT LCD(800 x 480 pixels)
  • Interface Key & Jog(Volume/Scroll), IR Remote Control
  • Input Analog Unbalanced(RCA) Input impedance: 47K ohm, Default 2Vrms(controllable 1 ~ 4Vrms)
  • Balanced(XLR) Input impedance: 47K ohm, Default 4Vrms(controllable 2 ~ 8Vrms)
  • Digital COAXIAL x 1 Sample Rate: up to 192Khz
  • Toslink x 1 Sample Rate: up to 192Khz
  • AES/EBU x 1 Sample Rate: up to 192Khz
  • I²S HDMI x 1 Native DSD256, DoP(Max DSD128), PCM up to 384Khz, MQA
  • Bluetooth Input Bluetooth 4.2 Profile: AVRCP/A2DP, Format: SBC, aptX, AAC, MP3
  • USB DAC Audio USB B Type x 1 USB Audio Class 2.0, Support up to PCM 32Bit/384Khz, Native DSD256, MQA384Khz
  • DAC Performance;
  • Sabre³² ES9018K2M Dual DAC(One per each channel) Sabre³² ES9018K2M Dual DAC Balanced Line Out( XLR x 2 ) Dynamic Range:
  • 130dB(Max 4Vrms/8Vrms, Stereo) THD+N:0.0004%
  • Unbalanced Line Out(RCA x 2)) Dynamic Range: 130dB(Max 2Vrms/4Vrms, Stereo) THD+N:0.0004%
  • Analog Out Spec
  • (※ Not applicable to Tube) Balanced Line Out(XLR) Unbalanced Line Out(RCA)
  • Rated Output Level(High/Low) High – 8Vrms / Low – 4Vrms High – 4Vrms / Low – 2Vrms
  • Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 80KHz: +/- 0.1dB 10Hz ~ 80KHz: +/- 0.1dB
  • 20Hz ~ 20KHz: +/- 0.01dB 20Hz ~ 20KHz: +/- 0.01dB
  • THD+N @ 1KHz(20Hz ~ 20KHz) < -105dB (< 0.00056%) < -105dB (< 0.00056%)
  • Channel Separation -110dB -110dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio < -113dB < -112dB
  • Headphone Out Spec
  • (※ Not applicable to Tube) Balanced Output Unbalanced Output
  • Impedance to be selected High Low High Low
  • Rated Output Power 600 ohm 485mW per CH 120mW per CH 125mW per CH 31mW per CH
  • 16 ohm n/a n/a 1100mW per CH 450mW per CH
  • Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 80KHz ±0.5dB 10Hz ~ 80KHz ±0.15dB 10Hz ~ 80KHz ±0.5dB 10Hz ~ 80KHz ±0.5dB
  • THD+N@1KHz(20Hz ~ 20KHz) 0.001% (-100dB) 0.0012% (-99dB) 0.009% (-81dB) 0.0041%(-88dB)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio < -111dB < -113dB < -106dB < -110dB
  • General Information Trigger Input Max. 12V
  • Output Max 200mA, 12Vl
  • Headphone Out Pin Order Balanced(XLR-4pin) 1: L+, 2: L-, 3: R+, 4: R-, Shell: Ground
  • Unbalanced(6.35mm) Tip: L, Ring: R, Sleeve: Ground
  • Recommended Headphone Impedance 16 ohm ~ 600 ohm
  • Power Supply AC 110-120V~ / 220-240V~, 50/60Hz Auto-sensing
  • Power Consumption 50W(Operation), 0.5W(Standby)
  • Mechanical Material Front, Body, Top, Knob High quality and beautiful glass-sanding aluminum crafted by CNC
  • Rear, bottom High quality steel
  • Dimensions Without foot 270mm(W) x 333mm(D) x 85mm(H)
  • With foot 270mm(W) x 333mm(D) x 90mm(H)
  • Weight 6.9 Kg(15.2 lbs)
  • Certificate CE, FCC, EMI, etc

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