Cleaning machine for vinyl & 78rpm shellac records

• Complete ready to start package for wet vinyl cleaning

• Superfast & superstrong cleaning

• Exhaustion of cleaning liquid from record

• Completely dry record in 1 or 2 complete rotations

• Cleaning fluid includes anti-static remedy

• Label protection is done by waterproof clamp

VC-S Cleaner


• It is super powerful and cleans a record in 1 max 2 rotations (best is 1 turn forward, 1 turn backward)

• It turns the record superfast within 2 seconds per rotation, which is about 3 times faster than usual cleaning machines do. The result is a much faster cleaning of records as well as much cleaner and 100% dry records with NO residual humidity!

• A new type of clamp seales the record label from cleaning fluid and avoids damage on the label!!

• Robust metal arm, which is easy to use, mechanically stable fixing! (no springs)

• Big container (2,5 l) for used fluid, that shows fill-up capacity and guarantees no spillage of used cleaning fluid. Discharging of used fluid is extremely easy to do.

• Newly developed vinyl cleaning concentrate Wash it offers very good cleaning results and reduces static charge, so record wear as well as stylus wear is signaficantly reduced.

• Label protection is done by waterproof clamp

• Accessory package includes brush, vinyl cleaning fluid, …

• Optional lid (holes for hinges are pre-drilled)